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Exovidio FX - New Futuristic & Energetic Video Templates

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Special Module Inside Exovidio

0 Design Skill Experience & No Need Huge Budget

The Fastest & Easiest Ways To Create Incredible Videos
Just 3 Simple Steps, As Easy 1-2-3 !!

STEP 1 : Pick A Templates

Pick one From Collection Superb Templates, Any Various Style Video Templates

STEP 2 : Customize Templates

Make Some Simple Actions to Change Text, Colour Or Media, Just Drag & Drop Media From Folder To Templates


Its was Like a Magic, With Just One Click of Mouse to Export and Voila, Your Video is Ready

the power of video

Animated Video is
Great Marketing Tools

Companies like Amazon, Toyota, Ford, Velocity, Spotify, Groupon Fix have used their clear Animated Videos as Part of their Marketing Strategies to Drive Engagement and Conversion Rates!

Videos can make a Great Impact on The Memory of the target audience and Impact their Future Decisions.

you know that the Sales Video is like our Main Conversion Tool.
Video content will help you with all your Marketing Goals :

Increase Your Engagement on Social Media,

Turn Visitors Into High Paying Customers

Enhance Website Traffic & Put More Money Into Your Pocket

video content is the king

Online Video is The Future
Of Content Marketing

Videos Dominate Social Media Like a Youtube, Facebook & Instagram

A Startups have made upwards of $50M in a few days from the simple act of adding a homepage explainer video

High-Quality Videos become as a 24X7 Active Sales Promotion. and help you Generate Skyrocketing Sales for you.

You know in today's Digital world people is not interested in reading long articles and in this way you lose leads and potential customers...

Videos are a highly effective way to sell a product, business, or idea,

Online Marketing Strategy

Video Marketing is One Of The Most Effective Marketing Techniques

In online marketing, video must and should be a part of your strategy for long-term success.

You will instantly build trust and likability. You can share your video on YouTube, Facebook, Intagram, Website or anywhere, no matter what your business is. A video will help it grow.

A video is more powerful and yet interesting to watch and describe your services products in a professional way

It's Your time to SHINE in the market with Video Marketing Revolution...!

If you dont using Video as Part of your Marketing Strategy, you should know that you are leaving MASSIVE Amount of Money on The Table

Creating Videos Is a Extremely Heavyduty Task

The Most Complex and Time Consuming Part of Video Creation is The Production Process Yes .. Its Required a Fat Wallet, Specialized Skills, and Expensive Equipment

Spend Months Wasting Time, Effort, Energy, Resources and Money

Hire a Videographer & Design Artist
and Pay Thousands of Dollars
for Short-duration Videos.

You need a big budget to hire a videographer for creating a video, and it takes a long time to finish

You can even spend $ 500 - $ 1000 to create just a 1-minute video.

Long processing time to create a video. Even you need to wait for weeks to get the result from the videographer that you hired

when you are not happy with the result, or it must be revised, or if something is wrong. This method evidently will make you stressful, drain your wallet, and spend a lot of your time & energy.

Buy an Editing Software That's Complex & Expensive and Must Pay a monthly Fees.

The popular Video & Graphics Editing software that you will use to produce videos such as: After Effects, Premiere, Adobe Illustrator.

They are very expensive & complicated to use

You need to pay a monthly subscription fee. also, the application is difficult. you need to see tutorial videos and learn to use very complicated editing software

And you have to buy additional expensive video assets such as templates, backgrounds, music, effects, video footage

Moreover, this will bother you, drain your wallet, and wasting your precious time

Make Your Own, and This Is An Extra Headache.

If you want to produce a video by yourself, then be prepared to be intimidated in the producing process.

you will feel overwhelmed, confused, frustrated or even stressed

Making astonishing videos requires expensive equipment and complicated editing software that you need to use.

Wasting weeks or even months to conceptualizing, shooting, and editing a project! This is a tiresome & headache process.

The world of video marketing is increasingly competitive, so you need to make sure that every video you make is amazing.

But don’t make the mistake of using low-quality templates that make you look bad (or worse)!

Dont create boring videos, which costs thousands of dollars or those poor quality ones that make you sleepy, after watching for five seconds

The Solution - You Don't Need Tech Skills or A Huge Budget
To Produce Quality Sales and Animated Videos

Yes, Creating Video Nowadays Is Unbelievably Easy
and Straightforward Even For Non-Tech Savvy


exovidio FX templates

New Futuristic & Dynamic Video Templates

We Proudly Introduce You a Brand New Product

Exovidio FX is a The New Futuristic Templates for help anyone Create World-Class Video Easily & 3X Faster, All Video Templates included in this Super-Effective Package are Fully Editable in Powerpoint.

This is Best-in-Class Video Templates, You don't need Fancy/Complex Software and Long Training Anymore - You can use PowerPoint, get Super Results with Equipment that you already own.

If you are New to Making Video, This Video Templates is Designed to Get You UP to Speed Make Amazing Video in a Very Short Amount of Time.

Make Video More Dynamic and Interesting Without Expensive Equipment

You can realize Beautiful Videos which will definitely look like "Real Videos" that Boost Your Views, Revenue and Drive Traffic To Your Business

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on software and equipment

You don't need to spend months learning video editing software

No special knowledge or skills in video editing are required

Create Stunning Video

In Just 3 Easy Steps, Extremely Easy As 1-2-3 ..

Now is the time to stop ‘Spending a Fortune’ - Now is the Time to get started with video and see what you can really do

module 1 : animation video templates

Create an Awesomely Unique Video that Stands out Among the Sea of Bland Online Content

module 2 : presentation video templates

Create Most Modern & Cutting Edge Presentation With This Tremendous Templates

module 3 : insta stories video

Share amazing Stories on your profile Get More Followers, promote yourself, product, company And
Engage Your Instagram Audience With Effective and Dynamic Instagram Stories.

module 4 : End Screen Outro Templates

eye catchy Outro Video to help your videos gain more views!

module 5 : Overlays Effects Video

gorgeous overlays effects for make video more dynamic and more interesting - Overlay animation adds style and character to the videos

module 6 : Subscriber & Bell Notification

outstanding youtube subscribe and bell animation to catch your viewers' attention everytime and reminder on your videos
will help you to convert your viewers into subscribers.

module 7 : youtube thumbnail banner

make your video pop-out more when other people are searching. nice thumbnail that attracts attention
and makes the viewers curious about your videos content.

Special Launch - Crazy Discount 80% OFF "One Time Fee"

DANGER Price Rise Every Copy Sold & Doubles When Early Bird Promo Expired

Create Most Modern Video With Less Effort (Both Financial & Time)

Incredibly Massive Discount $98 - 92% OFF

Exovidio FX - New Futuristic & Energetic Video Templates

Price Will Go Up With Each Product Sold

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Fast Action 1 - 10,000+ Stock Photos

Grab this Epic Collection of 10,000+ Eye-Popping,
‘High-Resolution, Representing 100+’, 100% Royalty Free
Stock Images For Create Your Videos Gallery

Let’s not forget that they are 100% Royalty-Free,
means you don’t need to worry about any Copyright Issue.


Fast Action 2 - 1500+ 1080p HD Quality Videos

Grab this "Done-For-You" Jumbo Collection of 1500,
1080p HD Quality, 100% Royalty-Free Stock Videos This
Captivating, 1500+ 1080p HD Quality Video Package
is Perfect-Fit for anything you choose them for

Remember All video clips are hand-picked and assorted
by us according to Most in Demand Niche, and they are
100% Royalty-Free, means you don’t need to worry about Copyright Issue.


Fast Action 3 - 1500+ Premium Music Track

World Class Royalty free collection of 1500+ Captivating High Quality Audios!...

Gigantic Collection of Over 1500+ Captivating, 100% Royalty free High Quality Audio Track

'Audio Marketing Asset' THE perfect solution for millions of other 'hungry' Video Marketers in many different niches..

"Super-Cool" Video Templates

Make Your Video Visually Interesting and Amazing Quickly, Conveniently and Effortlessly!

New - Never Before Released

You will not find these templates anywhere.
Only in this place, because these templates
are NEW, FRESH, and Game Changers.

Best-in-Class Video Templates

We always design high-quality templates
so that the videos you make are more
outstanding and can be the centre of attention to the audience

Step By Step Video Tutorial

There is a detailed step-by-step video tutorial
to help you use these templates to create amazing videos

Increasing Sales With Videos

Video Marketing Profit



Create Astonishing Animated Videos
Using Ready Made Templates
Using Exovidio FX



Share your Video on Social Media
and Drive people to Play and Watch your Video.
Humanize your brand, Educate Your Customers,
Promote Your Products, and So Much More



Build Customer Relationships
Explode Engagement
Generate More Leads And Finally
Skrocket Your Sales !!!

What Customers Say About Us

We Have Thousand Happy Customer In The World, Our main goal is to
create high-quality, stylish and easy-to-use video templates for users

Erick Rodriguez

“I've seen and used a few video templates and softwares before... I felt like they were outdated and simple "but" with ExovidioFX - none of them compare to what Azam has created here. Super easy to use, modern, vibrant, and definitely effective for any video project! Trust me, you'll feel the same!”

T. Balasubramanian

“I can easily pick up the required theme and within few clicks I am able to finish my project. All his themes are eye catching and covering latest trends with Verticals, outros, overlays and Action button. It will make one to believe the outcome as nice video, to realize everything was created with power point with few clicks and images. No experience or learning curve to work on this template.Go for it, I vouch for it, one will not regret the purchase and build your own data bank with various Niche of templates. I love it and adore it!”

Vadim Targetaims

“Exovidio really helps me to create very interesting videos, with pre made and ready to go powerpoint templates, for all social media.Thats all done for you package and very easy to change everything you want, without any tech skills..”

Chin Leong

“ExovidioFX has greatly value-added. In average, I spent about 1.5 hours to create a 5-mins video. With ExovidioFX, I could use the same amount of time and effort, to Create SIX more videos, with Higher Quality and Getting More Clicks and Subscribers.”

Ugoo Carson Onwuchekwa

“Usually I'm very difficult to impress when it comes to video templates. But Azam's videos have earned a seat in the list of top video templates in the market. They're stunning! ”

Chrissy Withers

I love the video templates Azam has created! The designs and the colors are really eye-pleasing and the animations are engaging enough to keep attention without being over the top. These are the sort of video templates you'll find yourself using again and again. Awesome quality product and totally worth the small price tag! Well done Azam.”

Lucas Adamski

That looks nice, Azam did a great job with these video templates. Engaging animations, motion graphics and transitions. I enjoy how colorful some of the templates are, it's really pleasant to watch!”

Angel Corman

These templates have the power to turn any regular Powerpoint user into a motion graphics super hero! If you want to amaze your clients and customers with attention-grabbing, modern-looking and beautifully designed video (without paying an arm and a leg) Azam’s got your back! 100% Recommended.

Special Features Exovidio FX Templates 1.0

Easy Customization

Extremely easy to use, With just one click of mouse you can customize templates

Drag & Drop Method

Simply drag and drop add media to your scene with a Single Click.

Save Time & Money

This pack will help you create a new stunning video and save your money & time.

Video Tutorial Included

In-depth video tutorial on how to use them in Powerpoint is also included.

No Complex Software

100% POWERPOINT, You'll create professional videos with the equipment you already have

Most Sophisticated Templates

You’ll be able to Create High Quality Videos Very Quickly. The Template do its MAGIC !!

Your Investment Is Fully Secured With Our 100% Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee As Well!

Your Purchases Are Safe & Protected.

For the Next 30 Days - 100% Money Back Guarantee
We Always Provide the Best Value & Support to all our customers

We protect your investment, If in the next 30 days you are unhappy with our templates, you just need to contact our customer support to request a refund without any reason we will give all your money back 100%.

So you absolutely don't take any risks in the next 30 days after purchasing our products

Make High-Quality and Professional-Looking Videos with a Low-Cost and Faster Time

Only With Exovidio FX Templates

Buy Expensive & Complex Software And Study Hundreds of Hours of Video Tutorials On the Internet.

Spend Thousand of Money Hiring a Video Production Agencies Charge Up To $2000 - $5000/min For a Lesser Quality Videos

Wasting a lot of Efforts & Valubale TimeTo Produce Fantastic Videos It’s Not a Guarantee That You Will Get Positive Results

Little Need For Technical Knowledge or Without Expensive Equipment

DFY Templates - No Hassle Without Conceptualizing, Shooting, and Editing Using Complex Software

Effortlessly! Become More Efficient No Frustation & No Expensive

100% Powerpoint

No Complex Software

High Class

Video Templates

Save Precious

Time & Money

Zero Design

No Need Design Skill

Powerful tools for Create Astonishing Videos.

Easily make your next video more Dynamic
and Exciting by using these Shopisticated Video Templates

You Don't Need to Spend Thousands of Dollars on Software and Equipment !

You Don't Need to Spend Months Learning Video Editing Software !

Save Time & Money On Video Creation, Minimum Expenditure and Little Need for Technical Knowledge or Complicated equipment

Special Launch - Crazy Discount 80% OFF "One Time Fee"

DANGER Price Rise Every Copy Sold & Doubles When Early Bird Promo Expired

Create Most Modern Video With Less Effort (Both Financial & Time)

Incredibly Massive Discount $98 - 92% OFF

Exovidio FX - New Futuristic & Energetic Video Templates

Price Will Go Up With Each Product Sold

When The Timer Expires. Price Sharply Increases And Bonuses Will Removed !!!

See You Inside Member Area

Azam Dzulfikar

Creator Exovidio

P.S. Why pay more later - when you can grab it at the crazy-discounted price now ?


Ask & Question Section

Exovidio FX Templates is a NEW Superb Collection Powerpoint Video Templates For Make Stunning Videos Faster & Better. It's Not a Plugin/Software/Or Theme

REFUND PROCESS : send your query to http://vidiclub.com/support/, DO NOT dispute via paypal, all refund is processing by JVzoo.

REFUND POLICY : Our refund policy only applies to the first time you purchase our product. Second time purchases will not be permitted the same rights to refund.

We understand that sometimes the timing may not be right when you purchase our product and you may return to purchase later, but please be aware second purchase refund requests will not be permitted. This is to protect our product and ourselves from individuals who may take advantage of our refund policy.

DUPLICATE PURCHASE : In the event of a billing error or duplicate billing, We will investigate the matter and issue a full refund if deemed necessary.

YES, You Dont Need Buy Additional Video Assets, Everything already inside every templates in Exovidio FX (Images, Video Footage, Music, Effect etc.)

Our support desk http://vidiclub.com/support/ or send mail to Azamdzulfikar11@gmail.com, we are very happy to assist you

Developer License You are not allowed resell this pack. Use this item as a tool to your own & client project and respect the hard work of the artists behind this
You Can do :

[YES] Can be used for your own projects
[YES] Can be used in an unlimited amount of projects commercially

What you CAN'T do:
[NO] Can't be given away
[NO] Can't be sold again
[NO] Can't be offered as abonus
[NO] Can't be shared free to other
[NO] Can't be added to a membership site

AFTER Purchase Completed, and You'll get Detail Access and Directed to the Download Area Customer Jvzoo Portal.

You need to use powerpoint to edit the templates and keynote for mac. If you want to work best with Exovidio FX Templates, you need at least powerpoint 2013. Powerpoint 2010 and 2007 still works, but some effect, transition, motion, and layout will not working perfectly.

Yes, it does. We provided Exovidio FX Platinum ( More Video Assets, Extra Bonus & Developer License) and Exovidio FX Jumbo Edition (Bundle Super Creative Templates In Low Prices)